Corporate Catering

Groups (10-15 people)

$129.99 +tax

3lb. Italian Beef

20 Pieces Chicken

½Tray Mostaccioli

½ Tray Caesar Salad or

½ Tray Potatoes


Groups (20-25 people)


4lb. Italian Beef

30 Pieces Chicken

1 Tray Mostaccioli

w/ Garlic Bread

1 Tray Caesar or Potatoes


Groups (30-35 people)


6lb. Italian Beef

40 pieces Chicken

1 ½ Tray Mostaccioli


Groups (40-45 people)


7lb. Beef

50 Pieces Chicken

2 Trays of Mostaccioli


Groups (50-60 people)


8lb Italian Beef

60 Pieces Chicken

All buffets come with plates, forks, knives, napkins and serving spoons. All hot food served in aluminum trays. All of this is included in per person price. Warming stands, sternos and setup $15.00 per (2)  setups. Servers $35.00 each


Tray of Chocolate Chip Cookies (serves 20) $25.00+tax

Tray of Brownies (serves 20)