Breakfast (served till 11 a.m.)

Bakery Bagel-$1.89

Toasted with butter

Bakery Bagel w/Cream Cheese-$2.50



Choice of bagel, toast or croissant with two eggs,

cheese, with choice of bacon, sausage or ham

Breaktacular Burrito-$4.95

Three eggs, cheese and choice of ham, sausage

or bacon with green peppers, onions,

tomatoes, jalapeño' s and salsa in a tortilla

Eggs Ala Carte'-$3.75

Two eggs freshly prepared, scrambled or fried 

with optional cheese

Jeanola Omelete -$4.95

Three eggs with optional cheese, ham or bacon,

green peppers,onions, jalapeños and


Fabulous French Toast-$4.95

Three thick cut slices covered in cinnamon and

powdered sugar, with bacon, maple

syrup and butter


One egg, cheese, slice of bacon on an English muffin

Ala Carte'

Bacon (per slice)-$ .75

Toast (per slice)-$ .75

Sausage (per patty)-$1.00

Files coming soon.